About Jamie Sugarman

Jamie is a  Native American Chickasaw born in Gary, Indiana. As an Air Force brat her family moved 14 times by the time she enrolled in high school in Santa Ana, CA. Repetitive relocation gave Jamie abilities to adapt quickly to new and stressful situations, a talent to make honest friendships, and an optimism to accept other people and cultures.

By age 18 Jamie began her career as an artist at Disneyland. Over a period of 10 years she drew pastel portraits, pen & ink caricatures, and cut silhouettes on Main Street. She’s the only park trained artist to have performed all three disciplines.

Choosing to stay home and raise a family, Jamie freelanced, becoming a published illustrator. She later became a successful muralist as sole proprietor of JME illustration & Design. Much of her work can be seen at www.JamieSugarman.com

In 2011, she took a class at Santa Ana college where she was bitten by the 3D modeling and animation bug. Discovering her aptitude, she quickly excelled in the media arts and earned her certificate. As a Finite Tower team member, Jamie has had the opportunity to collaborate in game design competitions with their games “Finite Tower” and “Battle on the Bridge”. Up to this point she says that she had no idea CG could be so much fun, and has never looked back.

Passionate about 3D modeling, texturing, and animation Jamie’s workflow preference is 3Ds Max, Photoshop, and Premier. She enjoys the ever-changing 3D world and is open to using most of the common industry standard 3D applications.

As a freelance artist, she’s available on a project by project basis.

She can be contacted at: (714) 637-1950  or  jmesugar@gmail.com

Bio Line

On a personal note, Jamie is happily married to her Prince Charming, has 2 grown children, two sweet corgis, and a grumpy bird. She’s been an avid volunteer for Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Jr. Toastmasters, and homeschooling, and also makes the best chocolate chip cookies you’ve ever eaten.




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