Welcome to My 3D Adventure

Thank you for landing on my site. After 20 years of owning my own business as a traditional painter and illustrator I’ve fallen in love with multi-media. I’m happy to share the fun with you, and unabashedly hawk myself.   Let me add pizzazz to your site by giving life to your logo with animation.

This mailbox was created for Cathie Peterson of SendOutCards. We can add holiday symbols or special elements for clients as needed.
This is one of my favorites.

Gina Cervino, Attorney at Law
This animation is for Dr. Janet Suh, Healthy Paws Veterinary Hospital. So simple and yet so effective.
Aaron Friezen Photography. Highly recommended btw.
My personal opinion is that everything is better with googly eyes. Don’t you think?
Add a memorable signature line to emails.
This email signature matches the font chosen for his business cards.
You can also combine personalized signatures with your logo. Not only unique but a great conversation starter.

5x5_CallMe copySlim35x5_LowPolyGameChar copy


3 Comments on “Welcome to My 3D Adventure

  1. YOUR AMAZING!!!! I don’t even begin to understand how this is done! UGH!!!!


  2. OMG! Jamie, I love the flare that you added to my logo. It looks incredible! Way better than I expected.

    Thank you so much.

    Aaron Friesen


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